Wednesday, October 11


Bush is delivering rambling, extremely long-winded responses to the few questions that have been posed so far. He did pause to compliment one reporter's suit: "That's an extremely beautiful suit. I look around, and there's not another one that comes close." Now he's complimenting Suzanne Malveaux on her clothing.

He doesn't think the new report about the number of Iraqi deaths is credible, and "neither does General Casey." He's aware that many innocent Iraqis have died during the war and is "amazed," thinks it's a testament to the Iraqi people's desire for freedom that they're willing to put up with all the violence.

He's still confident that Republicans will maintain control of both houses of Congress. Iraq is hard work. "The American people want to know if we can win and if we have a plan to win in Iraq." He thinks the economy is a plus for Republicans and wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. Dems, he says, will "raise taxes on anybody they can." And Americans know that our biggest job is to protect this country from another attack, they know there's an enemy who plots, and there is. British intelligence broke, with our help, a plot to blow up airplanes. The people want to know what we're doing to protect them. Vast majority of Democrats voted against a program that will allow us to interrogate high-value prisoners. I don't question anybody's patriotism, but I do question why they'd vote against giving the front-line fighters the tools they need. Bush then says listen to the enemy, listen to Osama. We have to fight there so we don't have to fight here. We'll maintain control because we're on the right side of the economy and terrorism.

Oh Jeez, more "cut and run" crap. I can't listen to any more of this.

UPDATE: Will Bunch is channeling my Bush anger again.


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