Monday, October 2


Wow, Sean Hannity confessed on his radio show this afternoon that he's spent HOURS since dawn surfing the Net to find examples of Democratic sex scandals. In less than fifteen minutes, with guest House Majority Leader John Boehner and then in the succeeding segment with Newt Gingrich, Sean twice brought up his Big Three: Democrats Mel Reynolds, Gerry Studds, and Barney Frank.

Both Boehner and Gingrich, while seemingly gratified by Hannity's distractions from the current Foley scandal, tried periodically to turn the issue to how incensed they were at Foley's actions. Yet at the same time they decried Foley's actions they gratefully acknowledged Sean's historical references. I have to say, though, both Boehner and Gingrich seemed to be uncomfortable with Sean's obvious and egregious efforts to whitewash Foley's, and Hastert's et al efforts to protect him, because of past Democrat scandals. Sean was obviously more consumed by the desire to defend a Republican pervert and his enablers by redirecting voter wrath to past Democratic scandals (though he gave lip service to how "despicable" was Mark Foley's conduct) than he was to labeling a Republican Congressman as a pervert and calling for those who enabled (and covered up for) him to step down from their positions of leadership, and even from their Congressional offices.

Now Chris Matthews is absolutely reaming Foley's Democratic opponent Tim Mahoney. Chris hasn't given Tim the opportunity to finish a single sentence. But he finishes the segment by complimenting Mahoney?


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