Wednesday, October 4


Sean Hannity was all over this story on WorldNetDaily.

The article in the right-wing rag revered by conservative radio talk show hosts and the basis of many of their rants, gave Hannity ammunition for his campaign to prove that the whole Foley sex scandal is a Democrat "dirty tricks" conspiracy to ruin Republican chances in the midterm elections.

It's not Denny Hastert's fault that Mark Foley was allowed to continue his sexual harassment of Congressional pages -- no, it's John Aravosis of AmericaBlog and Mike Rogers of who were holding for two years evidence against Mark Foley to use just before the midterms!

Hannity demanded an investigation into what DEMOCRATS knew, and when! He was practically frothing at the mouth. It was hilarious to hear him declare that Democrats will do ANYTHING for power. Guess he doesn't agree with conservative Republican strategist Richard Viguerie:

Richard A. Viguerie, the direct-mail pioneer, said that the leaders were "enablers" by doing nothing to investigate Foley earlier, and said they should not be allowed to hide behind a criminal investigation until Election Day.

"This isn't an isolated situation," said Viguerie, author of a book accusing the White House and congressional Republicans of violating conservative principles. "It is only the most recent example of Republican House leaders doing whatever it takes to hold on to power. If it means spending billions of taxpayers' dollars on questionable projects, they'll do it. If it means covering up the most despicable actions of a colleague, they'll do it."

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