Tuesday, October 10


US has few options in dealing with North Korea's nuclear ambitions.

Although President George W. Bush delivered a stern warning to North Korea over the consequences of its nuclear test, analysts say the US has few options but to rely on its international leverage, which has been severely weakened by the war in Iraq.

Critics say the Bush administration blundered in trying to confront North Korea in late 2002 just as it was committing itself to invading Iraq.

“The Bush administration deserves particular criticism,” said Gary Samore, vice-president of the independent Council on Foreign Relations in New York. “They had unrealistic expectations of what they could achieve through pressure. The US ability to coerce North Korea is quite limited, especially in the middle of a war with Iraq.”
[Emphasis mine]

Who beside hard-core neocons is left who can plausibly deny that the Iraq war has bled the United States of immense treasury, both human and financial, compromised our international alliances, strengthened our foes, and left us more vulnerable? And that it DIDN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN -- there was no threat to the U.S. from Saddam Hussein. This was a war of choice, with no credible goal or strategy, and executed ineptly.

And it's all due to Bush, Cheney and the Republicans.

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