Thursday, October 12


"He's not one of these Washington politicans who spews a lot of hot air. He just gets the job done." -- George W. Bush, at a fundraiser for House Speaker Dennis Hastert today.

Let's be fair. Hastert isn't a big media hog (if you were thinking that he looks like another kind of hog, well oops, that was a completely unintended slur), so Bush is correct in saying Denny doesn't "spew a lot of hot air." Judging by his actions and appearance, he keeps his hot air bottled up.

But as for "getting the job done"?

This is the man who's presided over the "do-nothing Congress." The man who replaced the (Republican) head of the House Ethics Committee because he tried to censure Tom DeLay. The man who's led his party to the biggest, most pork-filled budgets any conservative could decry. The man who to profit himself engineered a $200 million government expenditure to raise the value of his land.

What job was he trying to do? And that he got done?

Well, we know some of it. And none of it is good.


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