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I'm sickened by the disingenuous (I deliberately use the word because I've heard countless conservatives use the term to describe Michael J. Fox over the past couple of days) attempt by wingnuts to characterize their stance against federal funding of embryonic stem cell research as repugnant because it offends their values -- specifically, their support of the "culture of life." If they feel so strongly that the use of embryos (that would be destroyed in any case) for research into lifesaving or restorative therapies, why aren't they originating legislation to oppose the destruction of superfluous embryos in fertility clinics, and to outlaw ALL embryonic stem cell research, privately funded or not?

The hypocrisy of the right knows no bounds. This is electoral posturing, nothing less. Listening to Mike Gallagher, Rush Limbaugh, et al trumpet their belief that "life begins at conception" as the basis for their opposition leads one to reflect upon their position on abortion. They're flatly ag'in' it, in any form. Mike said on his radio show this morning, "there's PLENTY of stem cell research going on that is privately funded" and that relieves us of the necessity to use our taxpayer dollars for something that violates the sensibilities of many Americans. See the disconnect?

Michael J. Fox is an American icon, as were Christopher Reeve and Ronald Reagan, all of whose families are passionately supporting embryonic stem cell research not so much for their own loved ones, since any discoveries will likely prove far too late to benefit them (as is obvious in the cases of Reeve and Reagan), but because they want to see the hope of others in like situation nurtured and rewarded. To characterize Fox as "acting" or "off his meds" or "selfish" or "exploiting" his condition is beyond the pale of any decent person.

Is their next move to call Nancy Reagan "selfish"?

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Blogger Bob Waters said...

Oh, no. The use of living human embryos for spare parts is perfectly

If you're an embryo, and you volunteer. Only then, though.

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