Monday, October 23


I think the discussion I just heard about Nancy Pelosi as a Republican boogeyman (woman?) on Hardball was ridiculous. It reminds me of Sean Hannity's rants the past few weeks, trying to raise a spectre of fear that the "woman with San Francisco values" as Speaker of the House "and two beats from the presidency" is a danger almost greater than that of "the terrorists."

Chris repeatedly asked his guests if Nancy appeared "scary" last night on Sixty Minutes. Neither would answer the question. They couldn't, because she didn't. She was, clearly, a lovely, accomplished, disciplined, straight-talking woman, a devoted wife of a successful, supportive, VERY attractive husband of 40-some years (that's an accomplishment itself!), mother and grandmother. Her husband very capably characterized her as a mother who, after her children were along in school, offered herself to public service, first in her local community and then to national politics. They seemed a picture-perfect family, which goes a long way with the "family values" crowd.

Nothing in the Sixty Minutes profile could be interpreted as "scary" except by very, very partisan people who were working off a preconceived perception rather than the reality of the woman and politician. For crying out loud, she even emphatically took impeachment off the table. Yet I heard her excoriated on no less than three right-wing conservative radio talk shows today.

On second thought, I DID think of something that might scare them. She was profiled as a Minority Leader who has brought discipline to House Democrats.

That should scare the bejeezus out of wingnuts.

Go, Nancy.



Blogger LiteraryTech said...

I think one of the most significant problems is that she doesn't have a penis. Apparently, penile endowment of any size is required to meet the needs of a large portion of the population. If a woman behaves in a strong manner and does not treat men with deference they have not earned, then she is a casterating bitch and a threat to our androcratic civilization.

It is the penile problem that I think will ultimately plague a Clinton run for the White House. No one will dare call it that. Many are probably already offended by my free use of the word (and oh my goodness, what if I use the word vagina... ouch! part of the sky just fell). Not that there are not other problems with the Clinton candidacy (like her pandering to her perception of the middle), but in many ways, I think this is still the problem.

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