Sunday, October 22


Pretty fair profile of Nancy Pelosi just now on Sixty Minutes. She came off as tough and disciplined but also very warm. Lesley Stahl quoted a number of Pelosi's past statements about Bush and the Republicans ("Ooh! That stings even now to read it," Lesley said at one point) and asked how she could, in light of those remarks, claim that if she was Speaker she'd restore civility to the House. Nancy said when she made those quoted remarks she was "being gentle." Then Lesley aired some of the milder Republican attacks on Pelosi. Nancy said she's got a thick skin, that it's not personal -- "we're professionals," that it's the job of politicians to point out the distinctions between the parties. Lesley responded, you called the president incompetent -- that's not personal? Pelosi replied that he IS incompetent, and that no, it's not personal.

The Beltway guys and gals are always talking as if "civility" means talking nice.

Here's how she'll restore civility. She'll allow Republicans to propose amendments to legislation, a practice Republicans have DENIED to Democrats.

Pelosi also took impeachment off the table if she becomes Speaker. "We don't have time for it," she stated. "It's enough for us to make them [Bush-Cheney] lame ducks."


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