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(Photo by WaPo and AP)

Great moments with the press and Tony Snow.

Well, then Mr. Snow was asked, well, what could “a dunk in the water” mean?

Mr. Snow: How about a dunk in the water?

Q: So, wait a minute, so “dunk in the water” means what, we have a pool now at Guantanamo, and they go swimming?

MR. SNOW: Are you doing standup? (Laughter.)

And on Rummy's "back off" remarks at his own press conference on Oct. 26:

Q: And is Donald Rumsfeld not aware of this plan?

Mr. Snow: Donald Rumsfeld actually said that there’s no daylight between the two. Donald Rumsfeld is, in fact, aware of how it works. It’s one of these things where you want to make sure that when you’re discussing it, you also want to respect Prime Minister Maliki’s prerogatives as the head of a sovereign state. And he is sensitive about the use of terms like “benchmark” and “timetables,” so I think it’s safe to say that we have mutually agreed upon goals and we’re working together to achieve them.

Q: Will you stop using the word “benchmark”?

Mr. Snow: I think - I’d be delighted to. Even if it’s used in questions, I’ll change it back to goals, yes.

Good. We’re tired of being sent to the dictionary….

Great stuff.

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