Friday, October 6


I tuned in to Sean Hannity on the radio driving home (I'm forced to choose among right-wing radio talk shows since AirAmerica was dropped from Dallas station 910!) and caught the end of a discussion with Ann Coulter and Pat Cadell the latest fabrications about Democrats being behind the revelations about Mark Foley -- and their perfect, election-spoiling timing. Let's see what else: CREW had the original, "innocuous" (Ann's word) e-mails in April and didn't turn them over to the FBI until July. CREW heavily redacted those e-mails, wouldn't tell the FBI where they got them, etc., and have been bragging how long they've had them. (It should be noted that CREW calls the FBI claims "a lie.") The Dems are totally morally bankrupt because they're now sponsoring a gay witch hunt, which is inexplicable since they've been advancing the gay agenda as fast as they can, and because more than 20 years ago they applauded a gay Congressman, Gerry Studds, when he was censured for having a gay affair with a 17-year-old House page. Our hypocrisy knows no bounds. Dems put kids in jeopardy by holding on to these e-mails (even though they were "innocuous") just to score political points close to the midterm elections. My head is spinning. If they were so innocuous, how could the Dems imagine that they would shatter Rethuglican political hopes by revealing them? Oh, forget logic. It never enters into the arguments of the likes of Hannity and Coulter.

A lot was made by Sean about some article in The American Spectator. I never read it, but I'm perusing it now. Oh my God. This is journalism? Countless unnamed "Democratic" sources and consultants (not one quote is attributed) are confiding to a right-wing rag that does nothing but attack them at every turn, that Dems are conspiring with CREW, that the lone Democrat on the House Page Board is covering up complaints against Democratic Congressmen for their inappropriate contacts with House pages, that Dems are preparing to out all gay Republican Congressmen and staffers? And all this is indisputably true because in 1992, Iran-Contra independent counsel Lawrence Walsh indicted former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger the week before the election.

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