Sunday, October 15


Fahreed Zakaria points out that the countries that could have developed nukes but haven't, and that had them (such as Ukraine and Bellarusse) after the implosion of the Soviet Union but dismantled their programs and gave up the weapons, did so because of (1) direct talks and (2) incentives. Fahreed says sanctions won't work against North Korea, the most isolated, sanctioned nation in the world. "These people live on grass," he said.

Martha Raddatz is saying on This Week that you cannot get the Bush administration to talk about anything concerning North Korea but sanctions, sanctions, and sanctions, except for when they're talking about how Clinton's policy was a failure, and the failure of their policy isn't theirs, but North Korea's.

George Will says that the two most-sanctioned countries in the world are the two most enduring governments -- Cuba and North Korea. George thinks that sanctions don't work.

Fahreed thinks there may be a wizard of Oz behind the North Korean nuclear program. "A country that can't make a phone," he says, probably isn't sophisticated enough to have a program that is a serious threat.


Anonymous Libby said...

It makes me nervous when I agree with George Will. Been happening a lot lately.

3:21 PM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

Don't worry -- he's agreeing with YOU.

4:11 PM  

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