Monday, October 2


Just as I don't understand why anyone would trust the guys who got us into this mess of a war in Iraq (and have completely botched its execution), which has diverted resources better applied to the war on terror and domestic priorities, and their colleagues in the Congress, who have provided no oversight and demanded no accountability, to continue to govern this nation.

Likewise, I can't conceive of allowing the same guys who knew about Mark Foley's activities and covered them up, thereby endangering underaged youths put into their care, to come up with a strategy and process to "protect pages while they are serving in the nation's Capitol." It's an insult to the pages and their parents, and indeed to all parents.

Denny Hastert should go, and go soon, but it's probable that the Rethugs will take their time about it. Illinois Rep. John Shimkus, the lone member of the page board who was aware of the Foley problem and DID NOTHING ABOUT IT, including not informing his fellow board members, should be stripped of his page board chairmanship IMMEDIATELY.

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