Friday, November 10


Sean Hannity declared war on the Democratic Party today on his radio show.

A listener called in and said something like, Sean, the president has called for putting the election behind us and calling for bipartisanship solutions going forward. So in that spirit, why don't you stop playing audio clips of Democratic ads and comments attacking the president and the GOP?

Hannity replied that he's not about to forget, that he's just begun to fight. "Maybe the president is a better person that I am," he said (HOOT!!!), but he repeated that he's not about to just forget the terrible things Democrats have said about Bush.

Another caller (or maybe the same one) said that maybe Sean should just balance his clips of Dem attacks with those of Republicans, and Bush, against Dems. Sean blew that off and disconnected with the caller. He just wasn't going to address a moderate.

Sean said he's galvanized, he's motivated, more than ever before. He said he's anti-taxes, pro-national security, pro-family values. And he hates the mainstream media (especially CNN, the "Clinton National Network"), even in the face of a caller who asserted that conservatives don't listen to the MSM or heed them. When a New Yorker called him to say he's facing far greater economic consequences from increased healthcare costs and that the vaunted Republican tax cuts haven't benefited him, Sean cut him off, saying, Just wait until you see the tax increases that the Democrats will levy on you.

Sean Hannity is a blight on that nation's discourse equal with Rush Limbaugh, maybe even more malignant since he has a major media outlet outside of his wingnut radio show, the Fox TV show "Hannity and Colmes."



Blogger Thomas said...

I can't bear the sight of the bugger myself. What a filchmonger!

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