Friday, November 3


Ouch. Pastor Ted Haggard's booklet takes on new meaning.

I was talking to a couple of sensitive hetero males at work today about the Haggard "scandal." We all feel tremendous compassion for the guy (and especially his family). Older closeted gays are still, to a great extent, held hostage to their fears of job discrimination, family condemnation, etc. We understand and sympathize, though we regret tremendously that they are still subject to those fears.

But hey! If you're a closet alcoholic and you wage public war against drinkers, you've asked to be judged if it's exposed that you do exactly what you're asking to be condemned, right? By the same token, if you're struggling with your sexual preference, you should just keep your mouth shut and not denigrate those who've elected to be honest about theirs. Evangelicals, in particular, should be aware of Jesus' admonition to "judge not lest ye be judged."

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