Tuesday, November 14


My new boss starts tomorrow, I have a nephew coming in tonight from Florida, and the whole weekend was a disaster. Jeff Bowden has resigned as Offensive Coordinator for the Florida State football team in the midst of our worst season since Bobby Bowden's first at FSU thirty years ago. My Apple PowerBook died at home, and I was the source of a worm at work that nearly took down the entire network. I'm hauling my PC laptop back and forth from home to work untl they get my tower cleaned and returned to me. Thank God I've got my G5 at work so I don't have to turn to the PC very often. But now the IT department has instituted a new filter for the Internet, Blue Coat, that's making my life miserable. It keeps blocking me from left-wing political web sites.

Sometimes life just ain't any fun.


Blogger EmascuMan said...

Sounds like you do not have an Equal Opportunity for Time Wasting employer!

Macs are much better though. Find your way back to the dark side!

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you are doing okay; been thinking about you and your ummm...incredible? week.

9:42 PM  

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