Sunday, December 17


Listening to the Sunday news shows, I'm terribly discouraged. It looks as if Bush is going to call for a last-ditch effort to win in Iraq, a two-year intiative that will include sending up to 30,000 more troops and throwing in all the "resources" "necessary to win."

Even David Brooks and Tom Friedman agreed that it's a hopeless situation. Russert played a couple of clips (Laura Bush and Don Rumsfeld) showcasing the tiresome theme, "The media doesn't show all the good things happening in Iraq." Brooks's reaction was, "Get over it!" He said the reporters in Iraq are not biased, that they're reporting the FACTS, and the Bush administration needs to face reality. Friedman said he had supported the war because he thought it was really important but would be really hard. He said that history would damn "these people" (Bushies) because they thought it was really important and would be really easy.

Brooks predicted that within the next year Republican Party leaders would be marching into the White House to tell W, "You're not destroying this party."


Blogger Not-QuiteRight said...

The argument that our media is not reporting the “good things in Iraq” amuses me; indeed, it appears rather contemptible, crude, depraved, immoral even to deny the reporting of the deaths of our soldiers, simply to illuminate the latest outdoor restroom developed by civilian contractors. Laura Bush prefers the avoidance of highlighting the ultimate sacrifice of our men and women; instead she would like to learn about the handful of candy given to an orphaned Iraqi child?

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As callous and supportive of the President as it sounds, I'm beginning to think we've got to stick this thing out. I was against the war during the build up and the day the first bombs dropped, but a great many Americans supported it, even argued on its behalf, including most of our representatives in congress. Nearly everyone seemed content to sit back and let it happen.

To assure that this big of a screw up doesn't happen for at least another hundred years, we should clean up the mess that we collectively created. If it means increasing taxes, so be it. If it means instituting the draft, do it. If it means turning to the UN with our hat in our hands, let’s get started.

Put a half-million troops on the ground and send the bloody private contractors packing.

Even those of us who didn't vote for Bush, or support the war, have to admit that American hubris is one of its primary causes. And don’t we all contribute to the hubris in one way or another? We can’t just peel the “W” stickers of our SUVs and wipe our hands of the unbelievable misery we’ve created for the Iraqi people. Perhaps if we actually see this thing through to the end, we'll be less likely to let something as stupid, thoughtless, and reckless ever happen again.

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Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Motherlode.

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