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Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote in this post that Bush would give Louisiana a "10% levee." A week or so later, I wrote that Bush's failures included "What looks to be the loss of a major, and unique, American city, and a large portion of the gulf coast." When I said something to the same effect to friends or family, I was usually assured that "no way is New Orleans not going to come back." It would be unthinkable, most people said.

I'm horrified now by the story that insurers have informed Louisiana officials that they are pulling out. And why? "They cited the state of the rebuilding of our levee system as the primary reason for their decision," Donelon said.

At such a time, it's stomach-churning to hear the "shower of babble" from Newt Gingrich, who thinks that we need to rethink freedom of speech to protect us from terrorists, lest we "actually lose a city." We've lost one, Mister. Or hadn't you noticed?

First Draft, which has had some of the best blogging on the Gulf Coast and the results of Katrina, has much more. This is a crisis of the first order, and it needn't have been. And if you think it's not going to affect you, think again.

George W. Bush, the gift that just keeps on giving. Merry Christmas, Louisiana.

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Anonymous Isabel Quevedo said...

Rebuilding Louisiana is as important as terrorism.

5:27 AM  

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