Saturday, March 31


After 18 years of service, yesterday was my last day with my old company. It was a very hard day for me as I said goodbye to co-workers with whom I've shared so much during the past years, and it ended with a party that alternated between emotionalism and hilarity. Some of my colleagues had hired a professional scrapbooker to assemble a truly lovely memory book of my career there, which most importantly to me included memories and well-wishes from many of those I've learned to love over the years, from our former CEO to a mail room clerk. I got very teary last night reading through them.

This one, though, from one of my buddies who now works remotely from his home in Connecticut, gave me a hoot:

I will never understand how the state of Texas -- let alone the corporation of [let's leave it blank] -- let a liberal, tax-and-spend, cut-and-run, card-carrying member of the ACLU-loving, flag-burning, Clinton-sympathizing Democratic party like [that's me] in to begin with.

She always made this Northeasterner feel right at home.


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