Sunday, April 1


Do you Republicans really not care that the most prominent candidates for your party's presidential nomination think it's a viable option to subvert the Constitution and exercise executive imprisonment of U.S. citizens WITH NO REVIEW?

... Scalia explained: "The very core of liberty secured by our Anglo-Saxon system of separated powers has been freedom from indefinite imprisonment at the will of the Executive."
The next time journalists want to write about political extremism by focusing on things like "the Far Left" or bad words on the "Far Left blogs" -- without ever citing a single belief that is actually "extremist" -- why not instead focus on the fact that Mitt Romeny is open to, and Rudy Giuliani explicitly favors, vesting themselves with the very powers that this country was founded in order to banish? One of our two major political parties believes that the U.S. President should have powers that not even the pre-Revolution British King possessed. Maybe that is worth some commentary and examination.

You guys better take remedial civics and American history classes. That is, unless you're willing to use and have perfect confidence in the ability of the arsenal of NRA-protected weapons in your closet to keep you safe you from seizure of your person or a loved one at the whim of a Constitution-disdaining president.

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Blogger Comrade O'Brien said...

Greetings Comrade!
If you like Habeas Corpus, then you'll LOVE the Ministry of Love! We've been protesting the Military Commissions Act since October. Find out more at

8:55 PM  
Anonymous I.M.SMALL said...


"Because they were so very bad
Due process need not stand."
So goes the argument, my lad,
Simple, concise, and grand.

Because the threat is very great
Harsh measures are required--
Nor think that I exaggerate,
For our foes have conspired.

Our foes are Christ´s foes, son, and we´ve
Firstly got to survive
So to bequeath what we believe
To those not yet alive.

Therefore, as in the moslem way
Deal vengeance, eye for eye,
To win at any price, and slay:
Fear not, nor fear to die.

Christian in spirit, put on hold
The Christian precepts, till
The threat is beaten, when we bold
May saunter up that hill.

When all the enemies are gone
Then we may put our precepts on,
Give cheek for cheek, because by then
All men shall act like gentlemen--
But till that time, utopia hasn´t
Arrived so we must act unpleasant.

10:59 AM  

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