Sunday, May 27


I have it from an impeccable, inside source that Kay Bailey Hutchinson, senior U.S. Senator from Texas, is having meetings with moneymen to explore running for Texas governor. Ms. Hutchinson wants to get out of Washington and back home where she'll have more time with the two young children she and her husband Ray Hutchinson adopted in 2001.

Hutchinson can't possibly be a worse disaster for the state than current governor Rick Perry. And just the PROSPECT of a Democratic pickup is enough to tantalize.

But then, I wracked my brain trying to come up with a Democratic candidate that would have the slightest chance to pick up her seat. Ron Kirk, are you still available? [Bit of trivia: Former Dallas Mayor Kirk is a partner at Vinson & Elkins, the same Texas law firm that boasts Ray Hutchinson as a senior partner.]

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Anonymous John Galt said...

We might be rid of her BEFORE 2012? Ahhh gawd, that's too good to be true. Don't tease me like that.

You say she can't possibly be worse than Perry? Given her voting record in the Senate I wouldn't bet on it.

9:36 AM  

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