Tuesday, June 12


Eric Alterman points out one of the primary reasons I'm in the John Edwards camp (unless or until Al decides to run):

Believe it or not, by 11:02 a.m. of the first work day of work on the first day of the year, one of these average CEOs will "earn" more money than the minimum-wage workers in his company will make for the entire year.* To those who would argue that this is just the way the world works, one would have to ask, why is this not the case in Europe or Japan? In fact, among major world economies, the United States in recent years has had the third-greatest disparity in incomes between the very top and everyone else; only Mexico and Russia are worse.

Yes, Hillary and Obama have also talked about income inequality, but Edwards has given it primacy as an issue that we haven't seen from Democrats for a long, long time.

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