Tuesday, October 23


Richard Cohen has a great post today in which he scolds Mayor Rudy for rhetoric calling for war with Iran.

Giuliani ought to recognize that he is no longer the big-mouthed mayor of New York but a serious contender for the White House. All that his talk can accomplish is to make Iranian moderates rally around Ahmadinejad.
The next president is going to have to use his noodle. Iran may be trying to go nuclear, but Pakistan already is -- and it's so unstable the present government may not last long. The United States cannot make war all over the globe, leading the West in a resumption of the crusades against the Islamic East. War should be the last resort, spoken of with the respect it deserves and in terms that acknowledge the dizzying chaos, widespread terrorism and grievances that would haunt us long into the future. War with Iran will not turn out to be the applause line it is in the campaign. That, Mr. Giuliani, is not a threat. It is a promise.

It seems the Republicans have learned nothing from seven years of a cowboy-wannabe running the government. Can they really believe that replacing him with a big-city motor-mouth bully will be an improvement? One is almost forced to believe that the 28-percenters are still so enamored of W that they're opting for the man most likely to repeat his mistakes.

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