Thursday, February 21


Obama is always taking notes. Hillary almost never does. She listens to the questioner, she listens to Obama. Obama even takes notes when she's talking.

Hillary says she and Obama have a lot in common.

I'm really getting chapped by his refusal to ever look at her when she's talking. Is this bothering anyone else?

He changed it so that Walter Reed vets don't have to pay for meals and phone calls to their family? Must check this out. I haven't seen anything like this in his list of accomplishments.

My brilliant daughter just made a great point. She knows organizational behavior (a summa cum laude at SMU). She observed that Hillary always rivets her attention on Obama when he's speaking, while he never makes eye contact with her when she's speaking. "That's a classsic intimidation technique," she said. "I'm not criticizing her for it, I'm lauding her for it."

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