Monday, March 3


Hooray for the Houston Chronicle. It's really well worth reading the whole thing, as they endorse Hillary:

In the recent Democratic presidential debate in Austin, the candidates were asked to describe a personal crisis that tested their characters.

Sen. Barack Obama recited his biography, apparently hoping we would, justifiably, be inspired. Sen. Hillary Clinton said her well-known personal trials were nothing compared to those of the injured soldiers she so eloquently evoked and that they and thousands of other Americans had inspired her to devote her life to public service and to enter this race. This is the profound difference between these candidates — and between good leaders and great ones like Hillary Clinton.

Seven years of the Bush administration have left us so hungry for change that we will accept almost any kind offered. SenatorObama says he is the agent of that change and proclaims that we are the change we seek, the change we've been waiting for.

Yet change alone is not enough. George Bush changed peace into war, surpluses into deficits and the respect this country enjoyed around the world into contempt. That was not what we had waited for.

Yet Obama will also keep us waiting. His thin legislative record — so thin even his Texas spokesperson was at a loss to name a single Senate accomplishment — reveals his avoidance of controversy and hard choices, including more than a hundred votes of "present" in the Illinois Legislature when others took a stand.

The U.S. Senate subcommittee he chairs on NATO, a key ally, has never met or acted. He touts ethics reform that requires only that congressmen stand while lobbyists buy their three-martini lunches and offers a health care plan that doesn't cover everybody. Even his speech against the war in Iraq was not followed by action in the Senate. Promising change alone, he delivers only change lite, change borne of the easy consensus that comes from political expedience and not asking for too much.Campaigning for change is one thing; delivering even a little is another.

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