Thursday, March 27


Another insight into Hillary's work ethic. (H/T to The Democratic Daily.

When she was first lady of Arkansas, Hillary Clinton did not just organize tea parties (contrary to what passes now for “common knowledge”). She had heard of a Bangladeshi economist who had introduced a great idea to help people out of poverty in Bangladesh and she thought his ideas might help the poor in Arkansas. The economist was Muhammad Yunus and the idea was microcredit. She was instrumental in introducing Yunus to Bill Clinton and they developed a program of microcredit in Arkansas. Yunus mentions her in every one of his books (with photos).

This is why I want Hillary to be president. Because I want a president with intellectual curiosity, looking around the world for the next good idea to solve problems.

As a resident of Arkansas during Bill Clinton's governorship, I witnessed Hillary's efforts to improve education in the state. She visited communities across the state, held hearings, listened, investigated other school systems and programs from a wide geographic range (including abroad), and presented a slate of workable proposals to address the problem. That's the way she works.

Unlike the current occupant of the White House, Hillary has an indefatigable curiosity. She researches prodigiously, actively seeks to master a subject and listens to a broad range of "subject matter experts" before developing concrete strategies for improvement. It's a mark of character that she's exhibited her whole life. And it's exactly what we need in the next president, who will have her hands full trying to correct the numerous and massive mistakes W has made. Hillary has been thinking about and exploring solutions her whole life. She won't have a learning curve as the newly installed POTUS. And I can't wait to see all the new ideas she'll put forth.

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