Saturday, March 29


As for the so-called "threat" by Hillary supporters to Nancy Pelosi regarding her statements on the role of superdelegates, the letter they wrote which "implicitly raised the possibility that they would withhold donations to the DCCC unless Pelosi changes her tune ..." -- well, I don't think that just because the letter-writers stated that they were "strong supporters" of the party that it can be fairly construed that they were implying they'd withhold future funds.

But so what if they were? What is the purpose of MoveOn and other organizations if not to collect donations that may be used for political leverage? And I had already informed MoveOn some time ago (after they endorsed a candidate, Obama) that I will not be making any further donations, hosting no house parties, etc. on behalf of MoveOn because I didn't choose to support their candidate. Instead, I have donated to repeatedly and support Hillary. Isn't that my prerogative? Isn't it theirs?

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