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Oh, for crying out loud. Obama wants to run foreign policy like Reagan and Bush I?

"The truth is that my foreign policy is actually a return to the traditional bipartisan realistic policy of George Bush's father, of John F. Kennedy, of, in some ways, Ronald Reagan, and it is George Bush that's been naive and it's people like John McCain and, unfortunately, some Democrats that have facilitated him acting in these naive ways that have caused us so much damage in our reputation around the world," he said.

Obama faced criticism in January from Clinton and then-challenger John Edwards for saying Reagan had changed the trajectory of American politics — and that Republicans had been the party of ideas for the last decade or more.

In one of the more heated moments of the Democratic debates, Clinton challenged him directly on the topic, saying those GOP ideas were "bad for America, and I was fighting against those ideas."

In his speech Friday night, the Illinois senator charged that Clinton, for all her criticism of the current President Bush, has too often gone along with his decisions.

Okay, you "progressive" bloggers and voters who so swoon for Obama and despise Hillary Clinton. Are you REALLY prepared to have a Democratic president who aligns himself with the "traditional bipartisan" policy of GOP presidents such as Reagan and Bush I? Do you want more Iran-Contra, Star Wars, Central American death squads backed by U.S. arms and money? Do you?

When you think "traditional bipartisan," do you remember how extremely "traditional[ly] bipartisan" the Authorization for the Use of Force in Iraq was? Did that make for a better decision?

"... [I]t's people like John McCain and, unfortunately, some Democrats that have facilitated him acting in these naive ways that have caused us so much damage in our reputation around the world." We know who he's talking about when he mentions "unfortunate Democrats" -- he's referring again to his "superior judgment" (as demonstrated by his making a speech half a decade ago before he joined the U.S. Senate, WHERE HE HAS FACILITATED GWB EVERY BIT AS MUCH AS THOSE DEMOCRATS HE DECRIES). In fact, of 85 votes on Iraq since he joined the Senate, he and Hillary voted the same in 84.

So go ahead, vote for Obama and when it turns out that he knows little or nothing about foreign policy but favors the GOP approach, and really has no opinion of his own at 3 a.m. but just does what his advisers tell him, don't expect us to weep for you. You'll be gnashing your teeth and wondering why you let yourself get suckered just as did all the good little Bushies for whom you had such contempt.

Or do you think Obama means nothing of the kind and is just pandering to Reagan Democrats and dissing Bill Clinton by omission at the same time? (Wink wink.) In that case, you remind me of nothing so much as the MSM and their love affair with John McCain -- who they clearly don't believe means half of what he says.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama will do and say anything to get the nomination. He is well-funded (and I very much doubt it's from college kids but from the same power brokers who packaged and marketed GWB.

Have you noticed the similarities between these two candidates -- Obama and George W. Bush? Uniters; likable; change; You have to market these kinds of candidates because they don't have a record to run on and the American people are saps for a good marketing campaign. After all, that's all television and the news really is these days. No objectivity and no facts, just theory and the illusion of something that you can "pretend" really does exist. Sort of like living in the Matrix. It looks real, but in reality the image is just an illusion. That's what Obama represents to me -- an illusion.

IMO, if they game the system and annoint him, much like the republicans did GWB, then our country is greater trouble than anyone could ever imagine.

For those of us who took the "red" pill, reality may be more difficult in these trying times, but it's the only path to real change!

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