Thursday, March 27


While Hillary is being pilloried by the media, blogs and the Obama camp for exaggerating, misremembering or misspeaking about her arrival in Tuzla, Mark Halperin reports on a few "mistruths" told by Barack Obama (more than 10 times in the past few months):

1. Called himself a law professor (he's not and never has been)
2. Claimed credit for nuclear leak legislation that never passed
3. Said his mother and father fell in love amidst the turbulence of Selma (he was conceived four years before)
4. Fellow organizers say Sen. Obama takes too much credit for his community organizing efforts.
5. Claims "nobody had indications Rezko was engaging in wrongdoing" -- yeah, like "nobody ever imagined planes flying into the WTC"
6. "Was forced to revise a critical stump line of his on Saturday — a flat declaration that lobbyists ‘won’t work in my White House’ after it turned out his own written plan says they could ..."
7. Inflates newspaper comments on his healthcare plan
8. "Sen. Obama said ‘I passed a law that put Illinois on a path to universal coverage,’ but Obama health care legislation merely set up a task force.”

There's more, but you get the picture. Most or all of these are typical of politicians inflating their resume when campaigning. But since the Obamas have suggested that Hillary is dishonest and lacks ethics, it's only fair to hold his own words and deeds up to the light, no? This little incident, in particular is quite revealing:

After weeks of arduous negotiations, on April 6, 2006, a bipartisan group of senators burst out of the "President's Room," just off the Senate chamber, with a deal on new immigration policy.

As the half-dozen senators -- including John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) -- headed to announce their plan, they met Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), who made a request common when Capitol Hill news conferences are in the offing: "Hey, guys, can I come along?" And when Obama went before the microphones, he was generous with his list of senators to congratulate -- a list that included himself.

"I want to cite Lindsey Graham, Sam Brownback, Mel Martinez, Ken Salazar, myself, Dick Durbin, Joe Lieberman . . . who've actually had to wake up early to try to hammer this stuff out," he said.

To Senate staff members, who had been arriving for 7 a.m. negotiating sessions for weeks, it was a galling moment. Those morning sessions had attracted just three to four senators a side, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) recalled, each deeply involved in the issue. Obama was not one of them.

That wasn't a "misstatement," an exaggeration, or anything like it. Obama plain-out tried to attract media attention for himself for an accomplishment he had not even contributed to.

Yeah, he's a breath of fresh air!

UPDATE: Via Jeralyn, the U. of Chicago has clarified Obama's status as a Lecturer there. Facts are facts, folks, so Obama is justified in calling himself a "professor."

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