Saturday, March 29


Surprisingly, from the all-Obama-all-the-time Huffington Post comes this opinion in favor of letting the primary run its course, a demonstration of a reasonable faith in the democratic process.

Nervous Democrats fearful they will never get back to the White House want peace now, a release from the tension, move on to the 'big one' with McCain. Sorry, but it's not going to happen. And that will be just fine. Because when a winner does emerge, after Pennsylvania, or Puerto Rico, or maybe at the end of August on the last day of the Democratic Convention in Denver, Democrats will get over licking their wounds pretty quick in order to start licking their chops in anticipation of knocking off McCain. And then things will really get down and dirty -- just as they have in every election for the past 225 years.

The simple truth is, if Hillary succumbed to the screeds of WWTSBQ? many of her supporters WOULD be bitter about the Michigan-Florida voter disenfranchisement and about the premature calls for her to drop out of a so closely fought race, and I don't doubt that some of them (though probably less than now say they might) would refuse to vote for Obama or transfer their vote to McCain. But after a fair fight, with all votes counted, we will accept the Democratic nominee. And I believe Obama's voters would do the same.

So let's get on with it. The fair fight, I mean. Count the votes. All of them.

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Blogger Marc1A said...

I just heard that Obama said that Hillary should stay in the race and fears that the prolonged primary battle is dividing the party are "somewhat overstated."

11:36 PM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

Obama's choice of language is so often, as in this statement, full of irony. "Fears that the prolonged primary battle is dividing the party are 'somewhat overstated.'" In other words, the fears are justified but just a tiny bit exaggerated. The primary battle IS prolonged (by whose standard?), you see, and IS dividing the party, but just not quite as much as "some people" think.

And Hillary is "likable enough," just not very.

7:38 AM  

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