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Okay, you're going to hear about this -- I expect the media, the Obamabots and their so-called "progressive" blogs to be screeching about it all over the place. So I want you to hear the truth and decide for yourself whether or not their "new kind of politics" is real, or just an illusion, as they stretch the truth in every possible way.

Here's what happened and what was said:

CHARLOTTE, NC -- At a small VFW hall in Charlotte, NC, today, former president Bill Clinton contemplated a McCain/Clinton general election matchup, saying that it would one between "two people who loved this country" without "all this other stuff that always seems to intrude itself on our politics."

Reading this, it sounds to me as if The Big Dog was telling the 80 people who attended this invitation-only event that a McCain-Clinton campaign would be a civil one about the issues. The friendship between Hillary and McSaint is well known, and since they differ so greatly on the issues, that would be the substance of the election, not the "politics of personal destruction" that has characterized so many of our election cycles over the past 40 years or so.

But NBC had to go further than just recording Bill's words. They had to speculate on what else he MIGHT have meant:

In the wake of controversy over comments made by Barack Obama's former minister, Clinton's comments could be seen as an effort to draw attention to the issue of patriotism in a state with a high population of veterans.

NBC couldn't wait for reactions to set in, and THEN report on them. No, in this new era of journamalism they had to INVITE others to agree with their own interpretation.

Sure enough, others followed the call to read Bill Clinton's mind. Daily KOS:

Bill Clinton Wants Two People Who Love Their Country...and Obama Isn't One of Them
Leaving aside the irony of Bill Clinton talking about "stuff" intruding on our politics, what in the hell was he thinking? Tearing down Barack Obama with rightwing talking points while praising John W. McCain is showing devotion to the interest of one thing and one thing only...and it's not our country.

KOS is being quoted everywhere, spreading the vile misinterpretation of Clinton's statement. Oliver Willis says "[T]he candidate who doesn't love his country is Bill Clinton."

Unfortunately, Bill has already gone on record (during the New Hampshire primary" as saying that ALL the Dem candidates love their country.

"This is crunch time in this election," Clinton said. "These people are smart, honest, good. They love their country. They've done their best to address the challenges of the day. You just have to figure out who would be the best President, and I don't think it's close."

And the MSM is eager to spread NBC's speculation, too. There's this, on the NYTimes. Other media outlets are sure to follow. They love to put the hate on Bill.

I don't see why anyone would suppose that Clinton was implying that Obama doesn't love his country, unless they're deliberately trying to stir up another hornet's nest and a reason to be angry with the Clintons ... or maybe trying to distract the voters from Obama's negative news cycle.

UPDATE: Alegre has more.

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Anonymous Oliver Willis said...

Please correct this blog entry. Nowhere on do I say that President Clinton is not patriotic. No. Where.

11:47 PM  

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