Monday, April 28


The Obamabloggers are in a tizzy today as a result of BO's squishy, PANDERING interview on Fox's Sunday show with Chris Wallace. KOS insists he didn't put Obama on a pedestal, so he couldn't be knocked off, but he is clearly PO'ed, particularly when Obama threw DKOS a dis during the interview.

Chris Bowers wonders whether progressive bloggers and MoveOn have lost leverage over the Democratic candidates because of their early endorsement of Obama.

aThe events of this weekend, where the Obama campaign can appear on Fox News, the campaign can lie about the purpose of the appearance, and then bloggers who call Obama out on this get attacked by Obama supporters online, to me smacks of the death knell of blogosphere influence in the 2008 presidential campaigns.

Well, duh! They certainly lost leverage over Hillary Clinton! And they lost influence with her supporters (virtually half of all Democrats) by not just preferring Obama to her, but actively savaging her AND her voters, and by actively trying to destroy the legacy of the Clinton administration, the only two-term Democratic presidency since FDR. How on earth do they think they can backpedal now?

It appears that the Blogger Boyz are reluctantly and timidly facing up to the fact that they wuz used. What did they think, that a product of Chicago machine politics that is light on details, runs from progressive priorities (such as UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE), and talks "unity" with Republicans instead of "fighting the good fight" would be a good champion for them? Obama has even said he doesn't know much about or read much on the blogs. They really bought themselves a bill of goods.

But not to worry! When their candidate is trounced by John McCain in the fall, they'll not only be able to Blame HillaryTM, they'll have a raison d'etre for continuing and expanding their operations -- McCain Bashing. They'll gain new readers, increase ad revenue, and be able to afford all the latte and arugula they want.

Oh hey ... maybe that was their underlying motive in the first place. It sure as heck wasn't to help the most experienced, progressive candidate of the two make it to the White House.

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