Friday, April 25


This is the most important post of the day. Read it all, including the links.

It's why Democrats have lost so many presidential elections, why Bill Clinton won them, and why Obama is going the way of the losers. It's about the unreality of "progressives" supporting Obama, who uses the rhetoric of Joe Lieberman and the strategy of the "hated" DLC. It's about why Hillary Clinton would be by far the most electable Democratic candidate in the GE.

We can't afford to dismiss fully half the voting population. It's a losing strategy. It's wrong. And it's contrary to the principles and future of the Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton is outperforming Obama among working class Democrats because she is addressing the issues that most matter to them. They believe she cares because she never stops talking about them. Obama and his surrogates, on the other hand, have plainly written off that 50+% of American voters as rubes, racists or Reaganites, who don't deserve a Unity Pony.

Read it. Absorb it. And spread it around. Before it's too late.

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