Monday, April 28


This is good news for Hillary's chances in North Carolina.

A former state attorney general, Easley has focused largely on education programs during his eight-year tenure. He's called on both of the presidential candidates to talk more about he issue.

"Gov. Easley understands that education and a good economy are intertwined, and he understands that more than anyone else in the country," Hendrickson said.

Two week ago, Easley wrote a note to Obama imploring the Illinois senator to take part in a debate that would have taken place Sunday in Raleigh. Obama declined, saying he wasn't sure it would fit with his schedule, and the state Democratic Party later abandoned the debate plans.

Easley is a moderate Democrat, a popular two-term governor. The only thing better, in North Carolina, would be an endorsement from John Edwards.

What with this endorsement and the fallout from the Wright media blitz, not to mention his own missteps in the Chris Wallace interview yesterday, Obama may want to reconsider his debate boycott.

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Blogger gendergappers said...

It would seem that BO should be getting some less than positive press but despite Rev. Wright and his implications, many of the media is still making excuses for BO.

Of course, they are pissed that HRC is looking so fine and picking up delegates.

6:45 AM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

I expect to see a few heads exploding over the next few days --

8:07 AM  

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