Tuesday, April 22


This is the day. I have all fingers and toes crossed (and I'm getting a cramp in them) that Hillary wins by 10 or more.

Hillary was fantastic on Countdown last night, and KO appeared subdued when confronted with her mastery of the issues and her ability to address any gotcha questions he could throw her way. She particularly showed her stuff when Keith asked her if there is really anything a president can do about about high gas prices, and she just rattled off a LITANY of actions a president can take! She's a can-do, not a wishful thinker.

But all the morning talk shows are buzzing about her statement on Iran -- that if Iran launched a nuclear attack on Israel, that she'd retaliate with nuclear force. The Morning Joe crowd was saying that we don't have a treaty relationship with Israel, so how could we do that?

I'm confused. I thought that defending Israel had pretty much been our policy for decades. Is Hillary's position that such a threat would be a deterrent such as was used to good effect during the Cold War, really that surprising?

UPDATE: Big Tent Democrat at Talk Left has more here and here.

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