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Obama, his aides and supporters can claim all they want that the Clinton campaign has been negative while they've transcended politics-as-usual and been restrained in their criticisms of Hillary, but the record shows that is an outright lie. BO got where he is through the graces of the Chicago machine and by absorbing and implementing its tactics in his campaigns from the beginning of his political career. This race is no different. His melodious voice and his cool, elegant affect have been able covers for the fact that he is, at bottom, just another talented politician.

The weeks of WWTSBQ quit rhetoric from the BO kool-aid drinkers have culminated now in a frenetic, all-out war to destroy Hillary Clinton, and with her, the Clinton legacy that gives her so much credibility and good will from those who experienced, and are old enough to compare it to that of Republicans in the White House, the peace, progress and prosperity during the years of Clinton leadership. Since Barack's unflappability became flappable in the Wednesday debate, since that beautiful voice stuttered and stammered trying to answer questions that, at this late date, he should have been fully prepared to address, the Obamabots are terrified and in high shrill. Those were Obama's only real assets -- lacking any kind of substantive record or the ability to offer any solutions not cribbed from Hillary or Edwards, his demeanor and charm were his only campaign drawing cards.

So now it continues, only in a louder voice: WAAAAAAAAHHHH. She made him look bad! ABC made him look bad! We're not going to take it anymore! It was okay when it was Hillary who was being attacked, but THIS IS THE PRECIOUS.

So who's been speaking in Republican talking points, who's promoting unity? Obama conflates the Clinton and Bush administrations, and denies the progress made under Bill. He wants to "fix" Social Security. Hillary will "say or do anything to win." "Mandates don't work," so he won't include one in his healthcare plan, a sure flounder in the idea of universality. Hillary voters will vote for him if he's the nominee, he says, but he's not sure his voters will go to her. Michelle Obama will "have to think about it" as to whether or not she will support Clinton if she's the nominee. Hillary says, "yes yes yes," Barack can beat John McCain, and more, she will do everything in her power to elect him if he is the nominee. Hillary is "in her element" when the dirt flies. His "judgment" is so good it attaches him to people like Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, and William Ayers. Hillary, as I was just told in a comment on AmericaBlog, is a "succubus," and her supporters are "mindless goose-steppers." Lord Kos agrees that she is "not really a Dem."

Here's more evidence that the Obama campaign's unity shtick and "transcendant politics" meme are b***s***. (Thank you, Donna Darko.)

One last thought: When Obama said in his now-famous speech in North Carolina (video below), "I don't blame Washington for this -- because that's just how Washington is" (referring to the nasty questioning he endured in the debate), I wondered, who DO you blame? Hillary? For putting in the knife and twisting it a bit, as you so elegantly suggested? Yeah, that was the implication. So it was Hillary he was wiping off his shoulders and his shoes, right? But this ungracious gesture is part and parcel with his "You're likable enough, Hillary," his going out of his way to avoid shaking her hand at the SOTU, his sexist references and sly suggestions of racism. But this is the Teflon Man -- nothing sticks to him.

Yes, Obama supporters have exhibited some ugly mama-slapping behaviors and said some vile things during this primary campaign, against Hillary, against Bill, and against her supporters. But the unity candidate encourages them, gives fuel to them, laughs at them. That's some way to build Democratic Party unity, man.

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