Tuesday, April 22


So she did it, she got her double-digit win over Obama. Like so many of us, I'm very nearly drained. Almost every ounce of energy has leeched from my body. How Hillary does it, I don't know. Well yes, I do. She does it for us.

But then, that's why I want her for my president. I know she will rise every day, rise to the challenge, deny herself a normal person's respite because of her abiding sense of responsibility to the nation and to the people.

This race is not yet done. Hillary won Pennsylvania decisively despite a huge spending imbalance. Obama threw everything he had into this one primary, and again, he exhibited an inability to connect with rank-and-file Democrats. The media is speculating on whether or not he's "peaked," his lack of accessibility to them seeming to begin to disillusion, and his lack of energy and increasingly toxic comments about Hillary are beginning to pall with voters. Hillary, on the other hand, is proving fearless with the media, exposing herself and her ideas to virtually any audience that invites her, giving evidence of a complete mastery of the issues. Her resilience is winning the respect and admiration of former foes and critics.

I'm so proud of her. Hillary reflects the best of womankind. We who treasure her don't see her as an icon or a personality -- we see her as a completely human woman, mother, wife, and dedicated public servant, a woman who has made a significant difference in real people's lives. She is the mother, daughter, big sister, dear friend we've seen make the most of her potential, become the kind of person we'd most want in our lifeboat. She has our confidence, our trust.

On to Indiana and North Carolina!

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