Monday, May 5


While the pundits, Obamabloggers, and DNC officials continue to put public pressure on Hillary to drop out of the race, some people are listening more to the candidates, and putting their own personal everyday concerns ahead of the hysteria of the chattering classes. Beltway vs. the John Deere voter:

There is a huge disconnect between the Joe Andrew voters and the John Deere voters in this world. No one can win in the general election without them. They are the Reagan Democrats that swing elections. The last time I checked, the voters who live in the Beltway have never swung a national election. Ever.

If the leaders of the Democratic Party want to win in November, then they need to step outside of their comfort zone and take a look at what the people are saying. Yes, Obama had glorious wins in the early caucus states, but are caucus voters reflective of general election voters? Voters then knew less about Obama than they do now.

This is not an argument for Clinton but an argument that the process needs to be taken to the end. It has to. To have superdelegates, the bulk of who derive their livelihoods out of Washington, decide the candidate without looking at the collective vote would be tragic for the Democratic Party.

And if superdelegates understand their greater roles, they know there must be a careful examination of all the primaries before they make a true decision.

Here is a requirement that all superdelegates should complete before making their decisions: a two-day trip across the state that they hail from and listen. Not talk, listen. A test of a true leader and thinker should be to listen twice as much as you talk. Maybe that is why we have two ears and only one mouth.

As one Hoosier voter said to me along the road, "just let us vote. Stop telling us it is over before we go to the booth."

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