Thursday, May 15


There is so much about this that disturbs me that I hardly know where to begin. But here are some quick thoughts:

1. Obama in the pulpit. That's just too, too close to the GWB "pastor-in-chief" meme. Is that what we're voting for?
2. His too-absolute identification with Christianity. Are Jews, Muslims, Mormons, atheists and agnostics going to feel as if he's their president too?
3. The quote about "doing the Lord's work." So, like Bush, he believes he's anointed by God for the presidency? I'd like to know what "Lord's work" he's done in the past, or is this just another promise we're supposed to hope he keeps?
4. The whole flyer is so staged and pretentious, it's embarrassing. It's an insult to people of faith. Just how stupid does he think the people of Kentucky are? Does he think they don't know a giant pander when they see one?
5. This lines up perfectly and bizarrely with the religious/cult/messianic flavor of Obama's campaign. It's one thing for one's supporters to develop true-believer-itis on their own, it's another to actively encourage it.

Holy smoke (pun clearly intended), can you imagine if Hillary had put out something similar? They'd be mocking her on MSNBC and in the blogs till the cows come home.

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Blogger CognitiveDissonance said...

I think this was an extremely dumb move by the Obama campaign. Not only will it NOT make people believe he shares their values. But it will remind them of Rev. Wright screeching "God Damn America" from the pulpit. That really makes me chuckle. I hate blatant pandering, particularly about religion. So if he pays big time for it, all the better.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Darrow said...

But wait, isn't "Barack Obama the Messiah?"

1:03 AM  
Anonymous Kaylee said...

I agree that's a stupid advertisement, but if you really want to know more about Obama's views on religion you should watch the "faith" interviews from CNN that he participated in which can be seen on Youtube. He laid out very clearly his thoughts on religion and the place of his religious beliefs within the context of his political career.

11:43 PM  

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