Thursday, May 1


Is it time to seriously promote the idea of Obama as Clinton's vice presidential running mate? NYCWeboy thinks so and makes a good (IMO) argument in favor. (H/t Donna Darko.

UPDATE: I just ran into the #3 man in my company in the hallway. He's a Massachusetts Democrat now living in Dallas who likes to talk Dem politics with me. He's been out of town for a couple of weeks, so we kind of caught up a bit on what's been happening. He leans Obama, so when I suggested that I'm ready to talk unity (as long as Hillary heads the ticket), he expressed some skepticism that BO would be willing to run as #2. But here's the thing, I told him. If Barack wins the nomination and loses to McCain, he's John Kerry -- his career is toast as far as going anywhere beyond the Senate. As Hillary's Veep he can enjoy doing what he does best -- giving speeches and addressing process -- while Hillary attacks the very real problems that Bush 43 leaves behind. He can build his resume. He can prepare for 2016. And while Hillary will no doubt be heavily criticized for whatever she has to do to turn this country around, he can dodge some of that; and clearly, fending off attacks from the media and the opposition takes a toll on Obama -- he's simply not used to anything less than success and adulation. The next eight years will toughen his hide, improve his skills as a candidate, and pad his portfolio. It's a win-win for him AND his supporters, although I must add that delayed gratification is not their strong suit.

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