Monday, May 12


Huff Post continues its quest to label all non-Obama supporters as racist.

Of course, the fact that 90%+ of AAs are voting for BO indicates nothing more than their superior judgment. And the fact that working-class whites may actually be voting, this time around, "for their own interests" as they did for JFK and Bill Clinton in the nineties, doesn't mean that they actually LIKE Hillary or believe she'll fight for the issues that matter to them. Oh no! They're just acting out of their thick-skulled, inferior, racially insensitive Bubba mentalities.

I am 34, a white male in West Virginia, and currently have an Obama sign in my yard. I have logged on and read total ignorance about West Virginia for days. I love Obama and his speeches move me, but I'm now uncertain about the base I'm aligning myself with. I have read nothing but hate and ignorance spewed at my home state from Obama supporters for days.

West Virginia is 99% white. The lead Hillary Clinton has in West Virginia is on par with whites in most states. So enough with the racist, backwards West Virginia comments.

For the uneducated WV remarks, I implore you to pull out recent World Almanacs and see where WV ranks on average in SAT scores in the country, because like I said in my other comment, South Carolina and Georgia are consistently the worst in the country and Obama carried South Carolina and did very well in Georgia.

For the racist remarks, you people have no idea how much the people in this state love our African American college football QB Pat White. There is very strong support in this state to have a statue of him put up when he graduates. Just ask Randy Moss, or OJ Mayo how "bad" they have it here.

As much as I support Obama I love my home state and am just starting to get embarrassed enough after reading the comments on here to go pull the sign out of my yard.

Obama's supporters better get a grip. Their words and actions not only reflect poorly on their candidate, the rest of us are attributing their sentiments to The One, since he's not said one word to rein them in. And we're sure-as-shootin' not going to vote for anyone that arrogant, spiteful and hypocritical.

The truth is, most of America has been gradually separating from the racial divide for some time now. We still have progress to make, especially in our institutions and social networks, but it's a far cry from the conditions that existed even 20-30 years ago. To trash fully half (or more) of the country as Ku Kluxers just because we're immune to the Obama Magic is a losing strategy. And it compares badly with Hillary's campaign, which, despite the best efforts of the Obamaniacs and their media surrogates to label it as race-baiting, has consistently demonstrated respect for every demographic.

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