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It's amusing to watch this morning's news shows with their panels speculating on who Obama might pick for his running mate.

It's clear, from Michelle Obama's attitude, that he will never select Hillary unless forced to do so by pragmatic political considerations. And I have real trouble believing that Hillary would accept such a post. She has to know that if it happened, he would diminish her role in every possible way, relegating her to a campaigner and not an adviser or participant in the governing process. And Hillary is an activist -- she would never voluntarily surrender her ability to speak and act independently on the issues that matter to her just to fill a ceremonial slot. So the talking bobbleheads suggest that maybe a Hillary supporter such as Ohio Governor Ted Strickland might be a way to extend the olive branch to the Hillary wing of the party. Fools and idiots. Strickland or PA Gov. Ed Rendell will not assuage our doubts about Obama, and they will not serve as surrogates for Hillary. The media and the Obama campaign JUST DON'T GET IT. Hillary is not a REPRESENTATIVE of an ideology or a wing of the party -- she is herself, the best-prepared candidate for the presidency. We are not voting for her as a symbol. We support her leadership, which is not replicable. Someone else cannot substitute.

There really is no way for the Obama campaign to make nice with us now other than to appeal to us as loyal Democrats. And there is only one real issue that keeps me and others like me in the fold: Supreme Court appointments. Were it not for that (McCain praises Alito and Roberts as the kind of judges he would select), I would certainly be abstaining from a presidential vote if Obama is the Democratic nominee.

The discussion is almost always, on this topic, about how horribly AAs would react if Obama is "denied" the nomination. Give credit to Cokie Roberts for insisting on This Week with George S. that the media coverage, columns, and blogs have offered little respectful treatment of Hillary and her campaign. Cokie rightly pointed (I keep waiting for it, but almost never hear it) out that women are offended by the rampant sexism in this election cycle, and women are resentful.

Sam Donaldson defended Hillary on the "white, working-class voters" problem for Barack comment by saying that not only is that a fact reported repeatedly by every media outlet, but the Obama campaign knows it and is working on it.

This is NOT OVER.

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Anonymous Diane D-R said...

Even the threat of the McCain's probably SCOTUS appointees can't convince me to vote for Obama. They've played that card too many times, all the while Roe V. Wade has been eroded to the point where it barely exists. For 37 years, I've voted for the Democratic nominee, even if he wasn't my first (or even fifth) choice. But, Obama is absolutely toxic. I could list a thousand reasons, but the worst, if true--and I'm seeing it in several places--is taking money from Rezko that was meant to pay for heating fuel for impoverished Chicagoans. That alone represents a level of corruption I want nothing to do with. And, hey, they (Donna Brazile and other DNC leaders) keep saying that they don't need my vote, 'cause they've got the youth and the "creative class" and the black vote going for them. So, they are welcome to win the White House without me while I write in Hillary's name on my ballot in Pennsylvania. And without my husband, who is so disgusted, he's thinking of doing the unthinkable and voting for McCain.

Bitter, indeed.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

My husband, too, and I'm only marginally still hanging in there. It wouldn't take much more to push me into abstaining from the presidential race and just voting for down-ticket Dems.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Motherlode,

Please think again about "staying in the fold"...Obama is just another front man and the democratic party is no better than the republican party. After all, they approved all of the conservative judges appointed to the Supreme Court.

Both parties are corrupt and Obama will simply be taking the place of GW, if he is elected and that's a big IF!

One of his senior advisors (quietly so) is Zibigniew Brezinski. Co-founder with David Rockefeller back in 1973 of The Trilateral Commission. He's also on the Council for Foreign Affairs and he is a big believer in "one world government." Brezinski is a scary guy and one I do not trust to have any access to the WH and Obama will have an open door policy to the likes of him and others, because he, like GW, is not presidential timber and cannot handle the job. He will be totally at the mercy of his advisors.

Think about the fact that the dems will pick up an even greater majority in the House and Senate, so a McCain administration will be much easier to keep in check than an Obama administration, simply because all of the "old guard" dems support him.

Although I dislike them both, I am honestly more afraid of Obama than I am of McCain, because of how Obama rose to power, the fact that we know little to nothing about him and what he stands for and the people who are crowding around him in order to have access to the Oval Office is not a good recipe for good governing.

At least, do some research on Brezinski and David Rockefeller and the Trilateral Commission and consider the consequences of this mind-set controlling the WH.

Your friend,

Kathleen Wynne

8:38 AM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

I am very familiar with ZB and yes, he's a scary dude. I'm even starting to get somewhat conspiracy-theory-ish about the whole Obama phenomenon. It's true that I vacillate between voting/not voting for Obama, but I will not vote for John McCain, whom I loathe and despise as a media creation and unprincipled, self-important creep.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then,we'll just have to make certain Hillary wins the nomination and then the presidency, now won't we?!

I still believe Hillary can turn this around but only if we stick with her and keep the faith and keep working, donating, calling and whatever else we need to do.

In any event, like I said, a democratically controlled Congress will be able to keep McCain in place, but there will be nothing available to stop Obama from taking us over the cliff, before it's too late.


11:51 AM  

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