Thursday, May 15


I don't know why I should feel disillusioned because John Edwards endorsed Obama. I was an Edwards supporter until he dropped out of the race (because of his anti-poverty campaign, largely), but I wasn't heartbroken when he did because I was already getting, via the debates, the sense that Hillary had a broader, better-thought-out agenda. And to tell the truth, the smell of sexism and the "good ole boys club" was starting to bother me. And now Edwards' end-game endorsement of Obama smacks of more of the WWTSBQ? activity than a true meeting of the minds.

Still, it's a disappointment. I thought better of him. Obama has done nothing to indicate that fighting poverty is a priority for him, and from what I can tell from his resume and his books, he’s done about zero for poor people in his life. For crying out loud, he didn’t even take care of his own constituents who were freezing in his pal Tony Rezko’s tenements!

Sure would be nice if Elizabeth would endorse Hill. She was noticeably absent from the stage during the endorsement announcement. She's a smart, pragmatic feminist that has much in common with HRC and has stated that she prefers Hillary's healthcare proposal to Obama's. John even indicated on Morning Joe last week that he and Elizabeth had voted differently, which I take to mean she voted for Hill.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet she voted for her husband.

6:29 AM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

Why didn't I think of that????

8:05 AM  
Blogger Augamire said...

There is a lot of truth to your post, and no candidate (from either side) should ever be above having their past front and center when we are choosing them to lead.

However, I, having some time working with Elizabeth Edwards, would not characterize her with the same adulation that appears in this post. All I will say is this: based on the way I remember her treating people around her, I wouldn't want her endorsement or leadership.

That's just my .02

11:07 AM  

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