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Joe Andrew proves himself to be not a Judas but a Thomas.

Andrew was head of the DNC under Bill Clinton and has announced that he's changed his superdelegate endorsement from Hillary to Barack Obama. His explanation of his switcheroo is so full of bloviated, meaningless rhetoric reminiscent of his new favorite that I could hardly read it without tossing my cookies. There's no THERE there, just lots of unity ponies.

Hoosiers should grab that power and do what in their heart they know is right. They should reject the old negative politics and vote for true change. Don't settle for the tried and true and the simplistic slogans, but listen to your heart and dare to be inspired. Only a cynic would be critical of Barack Obama inspiring millions. Only the uninformed could forget that the candidate that wins in November is always the candidate that inspires millions. [Emphasis mine]

Is he kidding? When it comes to simplistic slogans, "yes, we can," "hope," "unity," and "change" would have to top the list. And that last assertion, that the candidate that wins is always the one who inspires millions -- who in their right minds would suggest that winners such as Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and George Bush (both of them) "inspired" much of anyone?

I'll tell you what inspires ME -- solid solutions for the problems of the nation and its citizenry, and the experience and knowledge to execute them. And "in my heart," I know what is right (I assume he means what is "best" unless he's suggesting that Hillary is wrong for America) -- electing Hillary Clinton as POTUS.

What is best for our Party and our country is not blind loyalty, but passionate support for the candidate who can best correct the misguided policies of the last eight years.

We need a candidate who will re-invigorate the economy and keep good jobs here in America. We need a candidate who will end the war in Iraq. We need a candidate who will provide health coverage for our 45 million uninsured neighbors. We need a candidate who will end our addiction to high-priced foreign oil by investing in renewable energy here at home.

That candidate is Barack Obama.

What would lead Andrew to believe that Barack Obama will provide "health coverage for our 45 million uninsured neighbors" when BO's healthcare proposal only truly covers children and ensures that millions of Americans will go uninsured? What does BO know about creating new jobs? What would lead him to think that a Democrat (Obama) who supported Dick Cheney's energy policy would end our addiction to foreign oil?

The polls already show the supporters for both candidates becoming more strident in their positions and more locked into their support. Continuing on this path would be a catastrophe, as we would inadvertently end up doing Republicans work for them.

And you think that by ending the primary now and disenfranchising states like Michigan and Florida, Kentucky and West Virginia et al will unlock the support of Hillary's voters? You actually believe, you cretin, that calling for her to be forced out of the race by superdelegates at such a time, when she has momentum and voters are clearly taking a second look at Obama, is going to bond us to Barack? Get a grip.

Innuendo is easy. The truth is hard.

Sound bites are easy. Solutions are hard.

Okay, buddy, put your facts where your mouth is. Spell out what Hillary has done to make you question her "character" and "vision" as opposed to Obama's. Detail what solutions Obama offers that have not been cadged off HRC's own proposals (and in many cases, diluted of their progressive impact). You don't SERIOUSLY expect any informed citizen to believe he has a greater mastery of policy than Hillary, do you?

This is specious nonsense. Andrew appears to have bought into the Obama inevitability argument, and he's placing his bet on the supposed winner. Too bad he didn't have more faith in HRC. Maybe if she'd been able to offer him a look at the nailholes in her palms, he would have continued to believe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Motherlode,

Your writing is excellent! I love reading your articles.

FYI, I had the opportunity to see Joe Andrew in action. He's a shill for the voting machine company which has been under attack for the last couple of years because of the huge security flaws I, along with Bev Harris, of Black Box discovered when we brought Finnish computer security expert, Harri Hursti, to test these machines. Maybe you've heard of them - Diebold?

Bev and my investigave work was featured in the HBO documentary "Hacking Democracy". Yes, it took two middle-aged women to pave the way for the public to find out that our elections are being manipulated by these machines and by doing so, changed the entire landscape of how we can achieve meaningful election reform.

However, I have to tell ya, nothing compares to the arrogant, in your face manipulation being played out by the DNC's power elite (primarily white men) and their all out effort to stop Hillary from becoming the next president and to anoint the democratic party's version of GW Bush with their own "front man", Barack Obama. Joe Andrew has shown himself to be just "one of the boys" in the old boy's club, who has heeded the call to stand with the brethren and stop this uppity woman!

One thing that should be noted is, if anyone doubted Hillary's sincerety in her promise to stand up and fight for the people, her courageous efforts to stay in the race and take on the patriarchy is proof positive that she's the real deal.

As we all can see, these boyz are pulling out all the stops and don't care that they are literally insulting, not to mention betraying, the core constituency of the democratic party (women) in doing so. Women are the backbone of the democratic party and they are slapping us in the face by their actions.

They are so blinded by their misogyny that they "assume" that we women will just go along, like we always have, and vote for Obama when they do as the Supreme Court did and "give" the nomimation to Obama, albeit, unearned, underserving and totally unqualified.

Joe Andrew was a willing whore for Diebold and now he is just being a whore for the DNC.

If ever there was a time for women to defy these men and stand with Hillary against such breathtaking misogyny, so that we can save our country, that time is now.

These guys are willing to destroy the village, rather than have a woman in charge of it! It's up to us to make certain they don't succeed and that Hillary does!!

All the best to you and keep doing what you're doing! It's inspiring.

Kathleen Wynne

10:00 PM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

Wow, Kathleen, I'm honored. The work you and Bev Harris have done is so very, very important to this country and its democratic traditions and institutions.

It's so ironic to see so many movers-and-shakers of the Democratic Party, who would presumably be incensed by voter fraud or suppression by Republicans, attempting to disenfranchise Florida and Michigan and stop the nomination process in states yet to vote, simply in an attempt to deny the nomination to Hillary.

Keep up the good work!

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Many thanks for your kind words.

May I add further to my previous post that, this past primary election season has proven my conclusion that "everybody cheats" because the system is open for business and the power elite have created this "open business" to maintain and keep power in perpetuity. The ONLY way to put elections back into the hands of the people where they belong is by returning to paper ballots, counted at the precinct on election night, with citizen oversight, participation and the ability to videotape the counting. Otherwise, once you loose chain of custody, it's all over with regarding to election integrity.

I also participated in the caucus process here in Texas and found that the Obama supporters were strategically placed in these caucuses to intimidate and to literally take control of this process for the primary purpose of making certain Obama is "perceived" to be the winner of more states early on in the primary process. The strategy seemed to take into consideration that Hillary would definitely win the large states and those swing states that the dems absolutely had to win in order to take back the WH.

It appears to me that Hillary is not only fighting against a biased, misogynistic media, a corrupt DNC, idiot pundits, politicians and republicans, she is also fighting against an election process that can be easily manipulated by the powers that be.

The fact that she's done as well as she has only proves that she would have won by a landslide by now if the process had not been manipulated to favor Obama.

This also shows me that Hillary must not be part of their "agenda" in keeping control of the government and maintaining a close working relationship with corporate America.

This is why we must do whatever we can to override the DNC power elites and push Hillary over the top, because I honestly have not confidence that our country coult survive 4 years of either McCain or Obama.

IMO, either of these administrations would perpetrate the final nail in the coffin for democracy as we know it.

Kathleen Wynne

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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