Tuesday, June 10


I'm doing almost nothing but. I'm ready to switch my registration from Democrat to Independent, but I believe I may wait until after the convention JUST IN CASE.

No, I don't harbor any illusions that by some miracle Hillary will become the nominee. But I somehow sense that this thing has not totally played out yet.

"They also serve who only sit and wait."

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Anonymous ndenial said...

I'm with you on that one. The DNC made the mistake of sending me a "survey" within the past month. I saved the envelope so that I could mail a copy of my new registration as an Independent. I ended up just filling out the survey and sending it in (they won't be happy with my responses) Weird that I couldn't bring myself to change. I've been a Democrat for 36 years. Why should I leave? I figured I can at least respond to all the emails and mailings if I'm still a member. Easier to change them from within, right? If the convention turns out to be just more of the same, I'll make my decision then. Thank you for your posts. I don't usually comment(except about who Elizabeth Edwards might have voted for). I won't be anonymous this time :)

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