Wednesday, July 9


Today on Morning Joe, Scarborough asked columnist Gail Collins if she was surprised that Obama had moved so sharply and quickly to the center. Collins expressed surprise at the question. I'll try to paraphrase from memory.

Haven't you been listening to him all along? she replied. How exactly did you think he was going to get all this "unity" without compromising with the Republicans?

The unity shtick has never worked for me, not from the beginning. It's smacked of more and better capitulation to the forces of darkness, and we've had enough of that from Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer and the like. What we Democrats needed at this point in time was a FIGHTER, not an appeaser. What did you THINK post-partisan meant, anyway? You can't have an after-partisanship candidate until there's no partisanship! The Rethuglicans certainly have no intentions of making nice with the Dems, so the only logical conclusion is that Obama has been advocating unilateral Democratic disarmament.

But BO's "transcendence," his oratory, his manly maleness, and most of all the fact that he isn't a Clinton, bamboozled the media, the DNC, and the Blogger Boyz to the extent that they ignored (or maybe they were just crossing their fingers) all the signs that he is a typical politician and opportunist extraordinaire who can show no evidence of actually doing any good for anyone in his entire life and career.

I am quite sure now that once the Democratic National Convention takes place, I will be checking out of the blogging world. The only reason I'm still around at this point is that I harbor an infinitesimal hope that something will shake out that will, after all, bring Hillary the nomination. Lacking that, I have no intention of or interest in being an active spectator of the mess that will follow.

The DNC and all too many Democratic/liberal leaders have betrayed the party and precisely half of its voting base. I never thought I'd live to see the day when Democrats would adopt Republican/right-wing tactics and talking points, and I have no intention of rewarding that bad behavior with my vote.

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Anonymous GRL said...

The Newsweek blog has decided to to show signs of life and discuss the ‘myths” about Obama’s money…as in, what’s actually going on with Obama’s “cash cow”….

"Newsweek Blog Finally Decides to Debunk the Obama “Cash Cow” Myth"

What can you actually believe about anything that comes out of Obama’s mouth? Heck, his bio had fictionalized/composite characters in it. That wasn’t the first clue??

And Shelby Steele long ago said lots of people would be disappointed when they saw the "real" Obama...

8:45 AM  
Anonymous GRL said...

The Jackson/Obama and Obama Family Follies on O'Reilly: I Can't Believe I'm Seeing What I'm Seeing

Jackson's gaffe was the most honest thing of this primary season...Obama backtracking on his family's "overexposure" is not...

8:24 AM  

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