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I've been totally consumed over the past month with A REGULAR JOB. But at the same time, I've been monitoring the machinations of the Obama and McCain campaigns and trying to make, in my own mind, some kind of sense of the presidential electorate.

Tonight I'm experiencing a totally visceral reaction to the announcement that Joe Biden is Obama's chosen running mate, and the news that Hillary was never even considered. For me, that's the end of the matter. I WILL NOT vote for Barack Obama, this phony, ego-centric, empty suit who has no record whatsoever of battling for the progressive issues that positively impact ordinary Americans.

No, I will not vote for John McCain. But neither will I vote for Obama. I'm tired of hearing how "brilliant" Obama is. Tonight when I was coordinating a major event for my company, I listened to an excellent, contemporaneous address by our youngish CFO. By contrast, Obama, absent a scripted, telepromptered-assisted speech, renders halting, incomprehensible speech. He has given evidence of a serious lack of understanding and/or principled stand on the issues. We are not voting for a pastor-in-chief nor a philosopher-in-chief. Obama has yet to publicly carve a concrete policy philosophy, and his record is so obscure, yet troubling, that it is incredible to me that this naif has ascended to the leadership of our party.

This is it for me. The "hope-y change-y" candidate has chosen as his running mate Mister MBNA, a rather cool guy in some ways but a man who has served in the Senate for over 30 years -- so what's with BO's anti-Washington shtick? Joe Biden has argued against Obama's judgment and his readiness to be president. He's wholly owned by a corporate lobby, which renders Obama's attacks against McCain's lobby connections vain, toothless.

By the way, though I had signed up on Obama's website to get the hyped email about his vice presidential running mate choice, I did not get any notification.

Did anyone get the vaunted text alert?

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Anonymous insightanalytical said...

Bide reminds me so much of the Anita Hill hearings! More of the same, this time in the way Hillary was treated!!!!

In the meantime...

THE PAST WEEK: Recaps & Rambling Thoughts-August 17-23 (Memories of Anita Hill; Timing of Rezko Sentencing; ACORN; Meet Emily; and Lima Beans!)

"If befriend donkey, expect to be kicked"--Charlie Chan

8:54 AM  
Anonymous insightanalytical said...

Sorry, it's early...I meant BIDEN, of course!!!

8:54 AM  
Anonymous ccp said...

I agree Motherlode and I think a lot of people are in the same boat with us. I expect that Obama will soon drop in the polls after the convention. Clinton supporters have been screwed over and even though many of us never wanted Clinton to run with Obama, the fact that he never even considered her is a huge insult and shows disrespect for this magnificent woman and her supporters.

9:01 PM  
Blogger BJinChicago said...

Motherload, I came to read your diary, because it was commented on at Riverdaughter's blog. I agree with much you say, however, I disagree with your course of action. I will not throw my vote away and give Obama the chance of winning. The neo-Dems and Obama must be defeated big-time.

Motherlode, Roosevelt’s DNC is dead. It is denied a proper funeral by the neo-Dem leaders who poisoned it and pretend it still exists in hopes that we won’t notice and unite behind their inexperienced Flim-Flam man.Chicago-style politics instead of the will of the people have decided the outcome of the party’s election process.

This is about much more than Hillary Clinton; it is about country, principles and beliefs, and what will happen to that we hold most dear if this nation elects another untested incompetent to the highest office in the land. This is about the role of our leaders and their responsibility to citizens in a democracy.

Neo-Democratic leaders worked together to circumvent the will of the people and empower an inexperienced, far-left candidate with questionable friends and associates. Others in high position allowed it, did nothing to stop it, and by their silence condoned it. We must be diligent and never forget that there are forces that want to dissipate our collective power.Remember in Novenber to remind the neo-Dems that actions have consequences.

Like the neo-Cons, the neo-Dems cannot be trusted. We must have a President who will ensure the checks and balances of power that are founders valued. Remember in November; it is time to take our country back.

Vote McCain, 2008; there is no other viable option for our country. With him as Potus and a Dem Congress, the two branches can spend the next two years checking each other. The American people will be able to rest easy, because of the balance restored to our government by such an arrangement.

Moreover, as a result of losing what was to be a "sure thing" this year, the neo-Dems will be cast off(especially,Brazile,Dean, Axelrod, Kennedy, and Kerry). This will allow the Clinton's to grab the leadership and take the party over with Hillary running in 2012.

So, Motherload, as distastefull as it is for you, follow McCain's mother's advice, i.e., "hold your nose and vote McCain."

McCain,2008;Clinton 2012.

11:25 PM  
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