Monday, August 17

Open Letter to Congressman Weiner on Healthcare

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you from Dallas, Texas. I saw your recent interview where you stood up for Americans, like myself, who have no health insurance and, in my case as in many others, have not had it for many years. I wanted to thank you for fighting for me. For fighting for all of us. I am nobody. I have no power. Obviously I have no money or I would be insured. There is no real reason to care about my health that will do you any good whatsoever. I vote democratic and am registered as such but, as you well know based on my location, that is of no help to you either, unless you should some day run for national office. The only real reason to aid me and others like me in this cause is that there is something within you that compels you to do the right thing without hope of reward. That you are a good man. Thank you sir. A thousand times thank you. I have written the President as well as my republican representatives in the House and Senate so that at the very least they would know I am here and I am real. And perhaps, if there ever is a reckoning, they will find that when they were called to action in the defense of the defenseless, that they, unlike you, have no excuse and will deserve and receive whatever consequences they have so regrettably called down upon themselves. Again, you have my thanks, my goodwill, and my unfailing support. You do us proud Sir.


Anonymous Motherlode said...

I saw Weiner on Morning Joe this morning, and he was fantastic. Joe Scarborough was absolutely speechless, and when he found his tongue, it was to admit that single-payer is in no way a "government takeover of healthcare." Great post!

3:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see that this blog is being updated again!

4:29 PM  
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