Monday, October 11

Sinclair travesty on CNN

Here we go.

It has begun!

Judy Woodruff: One of the nations largest broadcasting companies to air an anti-kerry documentary Sinclair Broadcasting has ordered its television stations to show the documentary during prime-time next week without commercials.

Howard Kurtz: In the days before the election Sinclair will be showing only one side. The company has ordered its 62 stations from Baltimore to Sacramento to air the anti-kerry film, Stolen Honor. It's made by former Washington Times reporter and decorated Vietnam Vet Carlton Sherwood and it argues that w/his anti-war testimony in 1971 Kerry was branding ALL American soldiers as baby killers, war criminals, and deranged drug addicted psychopaths. Sinclair doesn't hide it's conservative bent. 97% of the money the company executives have contributed in this campaign have gone to Republicans. Last spring Sinclair took on Nightline, refusing to air a program in which Ted Coppell read the names of all the US soldiers killed in Iraq. Sinclair accused Coppel of pushing an anti-war agenda. He said he was simply showing the human cost of war. Kerry spokesman, David Wade calls sinclairs decision to trumpet Stolen Honor a smear and a form of yellow journalism. A Sinclair vp told the Washington Post that the film tells a quote, "powerful story" and that the broadcast networks quote "are acting like holocaust denyers about kerry's past." But even if the movie is newsworthy airing only a one-sided attack on Kerry would be like the networks deciding that the end of October would be the ideal time to run Michael Moore's anti-Bush film, Farenheit 9/11. In the final days of a presidential campaign media organizations generally try to avoid what in football would be called a late hit. Sinclair Broadcasting apparently playing a different game, has decided to hit John Kerry hard. Now the democratic National Committee is hitting back announcing a complaint with the FEC that accusses Sinclair of making an in-kind contribution to the Bush Campaign.


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