Saturday, June 3


I haven't linked to RFK Jr.'s terrific article about the stealing of the '04 presidential election because it's simply everywhere, and because I was thinking, "I already knew all this." Just a month ago, I posted about my fears that the Rethugs might steal the midterms, too.

Then I remembered that a few of my family members read nothing but my blog and might otherwise miss it.

So guys, it's a must-read. Give it the time, it'll blow your mind. And while you're at it, read this one, too.



Blogger LiteraryTech said...

It strikes me that we now have substantive evidence that George Walker Bush has never been elected President of the United States. His entire presidency is a fraud perpetrated against the United States. It is an affront to the history of this country and a disgrace. His presidency is a dictatorship that is growing in scope. The parallels to the fall of the Roman Republic are frightening. The senate (and House) has abdicated its role to be the group that declares wars, manages money and oversees the execution of law by the Executive. We are constantly whipped into submission through the fear of a loss of our way of life and yet it is precisely this fear that we should fear. It is precisely this fear that will take our way of life.

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