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The Grey Lady:

But there’s reason to worry that the scandal could tempt Republican politicians and their defenders to try to turn it into an anti-gay witch hunt in the Capitol.
If there is a Democratic member of Congress guilty of sins similar to Mr. Foley’s, it is likely we will hear about it soon. But convincing the public that Mr. Foley’s disgusting behavior is widespread in Washington, or trying to create the impression that the presence of gays in the highest levels of government is something to worry about, is not likely to get any Republican elected this fall. What it will do is further degrade an already depressing election year, and create cynicism among a public that really is cynical enough already.

That's my fear too. We've already heard rumblings along these lines. Pat Buchanan, Tony Perkins, Rush -- David Corn says there's a "list" of gay Congressional staffers being circulated by GOPers. WorldNetDaily and Sean Hannity have asserted that the Mark Foley scandal is all the work of gay activists who wanted to expose Foley because he was a gay man who didn't support their "agenda," and Hannity covers his homophobia by suggesting that gay people who want to live their lives privately and not shove their sexual orientation in our faces are okay, that it's "despicable" to out them.

I'd agree with Sean's last sentiment if I believed he really meant it. For the other part, I think it's important to note that most gay "activists" would as well.

Gays like John Aravosis of AmericaBlog have made it clear that they don't support "outing" just for the sake of doing it -- to my knowledge (and I've been a regular reader since the blog began) John merely points out that closeted gays who actively work for gaybashers are conspiring with the enemy. Is he wrong? Not in my mind. It's akin to a Jesse Jackson accusing a Michael Steele or a J.C. Watts that they're aligning themselves with white supremacists.

As for an "agenda" -- if I were a member of a persecuted or underrepresented group, you bet I'd have an "agenda" too -- and it would consist of trying to gain equality under the law, as is my right as an American. Whether black, female, poor or gay, the agenda is the same, and nothing to apologize for.

And as the experts have proven, there is no link between homosexuality and child molestation.

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